Guard rail posts - piling rig


The pneumatic ramming unit LRG-V has got a long service life at really low operating costs. Due to its light but solid design in important places, the LRG unit may be loaded using any truck crane. As we attach great importance to the safety and comfort of our machines, it is possible that just one person mounts the machine without any problems and works with it. In order to minimise damaging and wearing, the LRG is equipped with a water separator and two oilers. The central control unit is located on the feed frame so that the user is always at the optimal distance to the pile hammer and/or post.

The gas pressure springs are used to put the buckling mast from transport into working position. A lifting device with 500kg loading capacity has enough power to lift the running well pile hammer types VR100, VR120, VR150, and VR275. The automatic safety flap avoids falling down of the pile hammer (e.g. in case of a chain break) whatever may happen. The powerful drive is equipped with a toggle and compressed-air brake. Using the feed hoisting device the feed frame is comfortably retracted and/or extracted. 4 T-screws secure the feed frame against unintentional adjusting.

Using the adjusting spindles standing at 90° to each other the mast will be adjusted and secured against readjustment by locknuts. Should it be necessary to push the piling frame manually, it is possible to disengage the drive gear with one single movement of your hands. For safe loading and unloading of the LRG-V 4 pieces of clevis have been welded on, and an appropriate wire rope suspension is also available. As standard equipment, there is also an adjustable "feeler gauge" and a batten adjuster available for precise ramming of the posts.

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